The irrigation pivots Carpenters Bluff Ranch Inc. was established in 2005 to provide the very high energy, low risk bermuda grass hay, TIFTON 85, to horse owners, and support their requirements all year round. TIFTON 85 was released in 1992 and developed for improved nutritive content by the Coastal Plain Experiment Station in Tifton, GA.

In our production, we are utilizing extensive irrigation and well timed fertilization, which are critical for a couple of reasons:

  • The irrigation promotes the growth of the grass quickly, when it would normally not grow as fast due to dry conditions, so it is ready to be cut in 3 weeks. This is the vegetative stage, retaining all the higher digestible nutrients.
  • Since water is required for the fertilization, we can always fertilize the day after the completion of the prior cutting/baling, providing consistent hay with the high digestible nutrients.

This irrigation and well timed fertilization helps boost the already high quality, highly digestible TIFTON 85 to nutrient numbers of 14-17% crude protein, 62-66% total digestible nutrients (TDN), and other high nutrients, which are much higher than that of coastal. (We will provide test results upon request.) The TIFTON 85 is typically 11 units higher in digestibility than coastal, mainly due to the lignin binding the cellulose more loosely, making it more digestible to the horses.  This high digestibility relates to the high TDN, which supports the horses’ energy requirements, and is as high as the best alfalfa. Yet our TIFTON 85 small square bale hay usually costs less than the alfalfa 3-string small square bales, per lb.  Loading of Fertilizer for applications to hay fieldsSo there is no need to feed large amounts of overly rich alfalfa to satisfy the nutrient requirements, or low digestible coastal requiring large amounts of grain to supplement.

Also, the wider leafs in the TIFTON 85  cause horses to chew the hay better, which reduces impaction in the horses’ intestines. The low sugar content in TIFTON 85 reduces laminitis, and the low calcium to phosphorus ratio (2:1), which is much lower than alfalfa, helps to reduce founder issues.

We produce aOutside of hay barn very large number of small square balesInside of barn showing hay bales per year, and partner with a co-producer who provides the high quality TIFTON 85 round bales.  We store the square bales in 2 large barns, providing a total storage capacity of over 60,000 bales. This, and our ability to produce very large amounts of small square bales through several cuttings/balings in a hay season allows us to provide hay to customers all the year round.

We deliver in 300 square bale loads, and 21 round bale loads. Yet a customer can receive lower amounts through shared loads between a number of customers.

Please go to the “Contact Us” page, and enter your contact information to help us determine your needs, and provide you the TIFTON 85 hay to meet your horses nutrient requirements, and reduce your cost of grain due to the high digestible nutrients. Or simply call us at (903) 465-4784.